What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

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As a person who does car and house insurance and other such things I am in a permanent printing mode. My full attention is concentrated on names and data so I don’t mess anything up and I miss the most important aspect of them all , the printer’s level ink.

Not once , not twice but a lot of times I didn’t observed this little aspect and I ended up making a fool out of myself in front of my clients because I could not print their insurance. Bad publicity.

One day a friend came to me and suggested a little thing called CISS . The first I said was “What is that?” . Well , The CISS (continuous ink supply system) is a great alternative for black & white and color printing.

Fascinating , I replied , but what will it do for me ? Then , my friend with a big smile started explaing. The CISS (also known as the continuous ink supply system) is compatible with many models of inkjet printers. The system delivers a continuous flow of ink to a special type of ink cartridge, through a capillary system connected to external reservoirs. Cartridges never get dry and you don’t have to replace them. Instead, you need to add ink in the external tanks when they are almost empty (reaching about 10-20% of capacity).

I was very fascinated so I googled it and saw that CISS will save me money up to 95% . I must say that is very impressive. This is the equivalent of 10 to 28 regular cartridges and let us mention that the ink in normal cartridges cannon be used all and some will still stay there and that is money wasted . But CISS will never do that so CISS is a money saver indeed.

I decided to spend a few commissions and bought my self a CISS Canon I must say that I am very proud of this product , it is one of the few products that I am both proud of it’s quality and price.

After I bought CISS I am very satisfied because I will not make a fool of myself in front of the clients never again , I saved up a lot of time because CISS cartridges can be refilled so easyle and without a mess , I saved money and I think the most important aspect is that I am very happy with this product .

I recommend to all of you this product. Take advice from an already happy customer to a future happy customer.

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