The art of Bang-Bang…

Octombrie 29, 2008 la 12:45 pm | Publicat în i like... | 3 comentarii
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Ready to make a mess?

Bang Bang?

I bet you`re scared.Don`t back up now.You want to pull the trigger.How hard can it be?Do you really want to do it?Do you really have the courage?

Blood spatter!

Leave your mark.Don`t worry,they`ll get the stains out.Ha,like you fuckin` care.A fucked up face beyond any recognition is what you want people to remember you, right?Oh…so i guess it`s time.Is the gun loaded?Did you remember the note?Are you sure that you didn`t forget anyone in your “I love you” list?


Don`t leave a fuckin` note.If you love them what the hell are you doing with that gun on your head?

FUCK the note!

Are you ready?Any last words?

Don`t back up now,just fuckin` do it.

Aww…you`re scared…Well…too bad.Put your finger on the trigger.No turning back now.

Time to make a mess.

Time to leave this mess you called life!



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  1. ca`n filmu` ala cu „bang-bang you`re dead” :))

  2. neeee….mai degraba ca in BANG BANG….si atat :))

  3. era si pe youtube un video in care se prezentau 7 metode clasice de sinucidere ca nu cumva omul in cautarea unor informatii sa nu gaseasca mai nimic ;)) …numai descurajari vad pe google dak te pui si scri ” vreau sa ma sinucid ” :)) Blogul tau incearca sa incurajeze posibili asasini da’ macar e scris pe engleza ca nu cumva sa inteleaga vreun cocalar ce scrie pe acilea :)) same comment for the above article 😛

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